Tree Removal

What is Tree Removal?

The first consideration in removing a tree is it’s location: is it close to the house, a shed, electric service lines, or other structure that might get damaged in the course of removal?

The next consideration is the height of the tree, although a tree can be 50’ from any given structure or power line, if the tree is 60’ tall , the structure is within the fall zone of that tree.

Understanding the physics of a tree including trunk trajectry and limb distribution is important in planning for removal.

Although it is uncommon to fell a tree as it stands this is sometimes a considered option if there are barriers to access the tree in order to dismantle it. This option would require proper weight distribution or rigging in a way to overcome improper weight distribution and a carefully calculated drop location.

The most common process for removing a tree is to dismantle it to the point where there is no danger in dropping, or felling the remaining trunk section.

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