Tree Health Consultation

What is a Tree Health Consultation?

A tree health consultation involves the inspection and subsequent report on the health of a tree, followed by a discussion of how to proceed.

There are numerous things to look at in determining the health of a tree. The foliage that a tree produces is important to it’s capacity to photosynthesize.

Although inspection is important, reported changes to a trees foliage or general appearance over a period is great information in determining if a tree is actually in trouble or simply going through seasonal changes. The western red cedar is a great example as there is seasonal die off of inner branches that is normal.

The trunk of a tree can give clear indications as to it’s health. Is the bark intact, are there bore holes in the trunk (different from woodpecker holes), are there areas (usually where a limb has been removed) where there is evidence of rot, i.e. a hollowed out area leading into the heart of the trunk. Has the base of the trunk changed appearance?

Pine trees can develop trunk expansion very low to the ground due to compression from the weight of the tree and loss of the integrity of the wood due to internal rot. Is there fungal fruiting on the trunk.

The root system of a tree is it’s anchor and lifeline for water and nutrients. Has the tree changed it’s trajectory towards the sun? This could be due to root rot or storm damage.

In all, it is usually easy to spot a sick tree and make a determination as to whether it poses a hazard to property or people.

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