Functional and Decorative Edging

What is Functional and Decorative Edging?

The use of a material to create low lying boundaries for gardens or driveways. Edging can be functional or decorative but is usually both. Common materials for edging include landscape ties, cobble stones, bricks or masonry walls.

Landscape ties have taken over (for the most part) the re-use of old rail road ties. Used as a boundary, landscape ties or any of the above material create a means of separating areas and keeping different materials from intermingling.

Keeping the stone in a driveway off of your lawn is a good example. Perhaps the best and most attractive edging is cobblestone. Cobblestone set in mortar creates a very strong and beautiful boundary.

The function of using mortar in setting cobbles gives not only a very strong boundary but one that creates a sub surface boundary that will stop roots from growing into an area where they don’t belong.

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