Environmentally Sound Weed Control

What is Environmentally Sound Weed Control?

The best defense against weeds is a strong, healthy and thick lawn. Weeds will grow opportunistically, if here are bare spots in your lawn or your grass is not healthy and plush it is far easier for weeds to take hold. Some basic knowledge of weeds can be very helpful in controlling them.

For example, most folks think crab grass is perennial, that the same plant will regrow each spring. In fact, it is annual, the crab grass that grows each spring is from the seeds of last years crab grass. Dandelion seed pods, those fluffy white pods that appear after the yellow bloom, can produce hundreds of new plants per pod.

We all remember as kids picking a dandelion shoot with a seed pod at the end and blowing on it to watch the parachute like action that follows. Although dandelions are perennial, controlling their spread is as simple as picking off those yellow flowers before they become seed pods. This can be a daunting task if your lawn is more like a field of dandelions. Since seed of all kinds has to be in contact with the soil to germinate, the best defense is a healthy lawn.

The use of chemicals for weed control is common practice, but not very environmentally sound. Knowledge is your best weapon and your lawn itself is your best defense.

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