Patio Installation

What is Patio Installation?

The use of flat surface material, i.e., bluestone, bricks, man made blocks, etc., to create a flat level area that can be used for lounging, eating or other outside activities. The list of materials that can be used to create a patio area is very large, and a variety of materials can be used in common to create unique features and design.

The installation of a patio requires a lot of preparation work. All patios should be very slightly pitched in the direction that best suits the site. This being said the area must be very evenly pitched to give the impression of a perfectly flat area.

Mechanical compaction of all materials is essential to prevent settling over time. Stone should always be used as a substrate to provide stability and drainage. The stone should be compacted in layers to assure stability. A total of 4-6 ” of stone is ideal. This piece is often missed by DIY folks who fail to thoroughly research their projects.

The materials that are chosen should be able to provide a flat surface with similar thickness to prevent creating tripping hazards. An important piece of a patio project is dealing with the space between the primary material to create the patio.

Their are a variety of polymeric products that can adequately seal seams up to about 1 1/2”, use of these materials provides a natural stone dust look but will not allow for weed or grass growth in the seam.

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