Fire Pits

What are Fire Pits?

Fire Pits are an area that will contain a burning fire, and is aesthetically pleasing. The term fire pit is actually misleading as the structure referred to is not lower than grade but in fact usually raised well above grade. This creates a walled in area usually round in shape that can safely manage a small fire. Fire pits are usually positioned in or nearby a gathering place in a yard, i.e., at the edge or sometimes in the middle of a patio.

Fire pits can be purchased as a kit with all of the parts needed to create a Hardscape feature. Fire pits can also be designed to suit any taste and custom made. When building a custom made fire pit certain components should be used. A fire brick liner will protect the outer shell of the fire pit from extreme temperatures and prevent the cracking of the outer shell. A special mortar is also used that will not deteriorate with the heat from the fire. Spark arrestors can be purchased or custom made to prevent sparks from escaping into surrounding areas.

The outer shell of a fire pit can be any material that is not flammable with stone being the material preferred by most.

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